Child and Family Services

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Address: 221 E 29th Street, Suite 101, Loveland, CO 80538
Phone: (970) 494-4200
Hours: Monday–Friday 8am-5pm

Providing Care, Counseling & Treatment to Our Most Vulnerable Youth

For more than 40 years, SummitStone’s Child and Family Services has provided care, counseling, treatment, and healing to our most vulnerable Youth.

These children have lived through trauma, have severe behavior challenges, or live with diagnosable mental illnesses. Each of them deserves a chance to transcend his or her current circumstances to the extent possible.

At SummitStone, our children-centered, community-based programs assist children and families in developing and maintaining stability and healthy levels of functioning.


Even the most capable and attentive families caring for high-risk children may occasionally need a break. Respite allows adult caretakers to step away knowing their children are in a fun, safe peer environment.

Grandfamily and Caregiver Support

A huge number of grandparents and other relatives step up to raise and care for children whose parents aren’t able to. Supporting these family systems is a key part of our mission.

Coaching, Structure, and Stability

Our family support programs provide children and families skill building, individualized coaching, parental support, and structured after-school programming with an eye towards positive long-term outcomes.

Grandfamily Support Services and Information

The Grandfamily Support Program provides services to assist grandparents/kin in raising their grandchildren/relatives’ children. These services are provided at no cost and family members are not required to be enrolled in clinical services at SummitStone. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Ongoing case management
  • Resource acquisition and allocation
  • Systems navigation
  • Monthly support groups
  • Educational presentations
  • Emergency aid

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grandmother and granddaughter reading a book together

Family Support Programs

Family Support Coaching – Coaches are assigned to a youth based on common interests and compatibility.  Coaches will work with the youth in their home and community to address goals and practice skills identified by the youth, family, and therapist.  Interventions are based on the unique needs of each youth and family and may involve one on one coaching, parental support, and community-based activities.

Wondercamp is a skill-building program for young clients with serious mental illness who require structure and support during extended school holidays.  Through clinical groups, games, and activities children are provided an opportunity to practice social skills and receive immediate feedback on their behaviors and interactions.

Respite provides a break for families of children with high-risk behavioral and mental health issues.  Children have the opportunity to participate in fun, age-appropriate activities with their peers while their adult caretakers can step away from providing for the ongoing needs of their child and care for themselves.

The SPOT is an after-school program for adolescent clients that provides a safe place to learn new skills and tools to enhance their lives.  Clients work on identifying personal strengths and challenges, building social support, and expanding the skills needed to maneuver through the world with a serious mental illness.

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